Govt KL helps navigate uneasy Hari Raya conversations

Govt Kuala Lumpur has introduced a novel way for Malaysians to prepare for the Hari Raya festivities, namely, all the loaded questions associated with the national holiday. It is driven by the insight on how nosy relatives ask tough questions during the holiday.

The Facebook post and visual was created to not only help the younger generation find solace during the festivities but also encourage the older generation to keep fiery and insensitive questions at bay.

Govt’s Toyol Aidilfitri (roughly translated as the mischievous spirit of Aidilfitri) comes with five of the most commonly asked questions and answers that range from the politically correct to the downright fiery.

Here's what the questions and possible responses look like:

When are you going to get married?
A1. When the time comes. I haven’t found the right one yet.
A2. Relax, auntie. I’d like to care for mom and dad first.
A3. Here, eat this. I’m still practicing to be the “perfect wife”.
A4. Doesn’t matter since I’m still young. When are you passing away?

Brilliant! Here's another question:

You’re already married for a year. When are you going to have a child?
A1. It’s not our time yet. Please pray for our blessing.
A2. When it’s time, we’ll know when to pick up the pace.
A3. Why bug me? If you want one please ask uncle first?
A4. My man’s not good enough. Can I borrow yours?

Check it out here:

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Executive creative director: Casey Loh
Head of business: Syed Nasir
Account director: Najib Salman
Account executive: Shila Suhaimi
Art director: Adib Azfar
Copywriter: Mya Nabila
Social media specialist: Kyle Lai