Google sends gifts to parents of baby ‘Google’, starts quiz on Twitter

Google has sent a schwag to an Indonesian couple who have named their baby after the company, Marketing Interactive confirms. The gifts (pictured) include custom baby onesies, and books, pen, and drawstring bag.

According to the news reports, the parents said that Google Indonesia sent its congratulations while wishing that the seven-month-old baby can grow up to help many others in the future. Last week, Google Indonesia also took to Twitter with the hashtag #bayiGoogle to start a quiz on the birth of the company. It has attracted over 300 votes.

Earlier last month, the parents told the media that they have decided to name their baby boy after a tech company to symbolise their hopes that he will grow up to be helpful to the society.

According to local media outlets in Indonesia, it is not the first time that Indonesians have named their babies after companies and received a response. Other babies with names such as “Go-Pay” and “Pajero Sport” have made headlines in the past as well.