Google ranks as Malaysian’s favourite brand

According to the latest brand survey from Superbrands, Google has been named the most favourite brand among Malaysians.

The survey conducted by BDRC Asia identified over 650 consumers’ favourite brands amidst 109 consumer product and service categories. The results are placed according to the greatest number of consumers marking the brand as their favourite, with the top 10 brands as follows:

  1. Google
  2. 100 Plus
  3. Double A
  4. Air Asia
  5. Ogawa
  6. Gardenia
  7. Energizer
  8. Panasonic
  9. Maggi
  10. MEPS

Mark Pointer, CEO of Superbrands Malaysia said that the survey was commissioned to a third-party consumer research house so the selection of brands and the subsequent achievement of being recognised as a Superbrand is independent from the Superbrands organisation.

“The fact that these brands have been voted for by Malaysian consumers as being their favourite brands, is a testament to the recognition and standing that these brands have in the local market. These are truly exceptional brands that are at the forefront of consumer consciousness.”

The research also revealed that the Superbrands endorsed products provide assurance of the brand’s reputation (80%) and roughly 71% of Malaysian consumers believe that a brand displaying the Superbrands logo to be of better quality. Ninety-four percent of respondents also reported to more likely consider purchasing a product from a brand that has received the recognition.

Managing director of BDRC Asia, Piers Lee says that how a brand resonates with its audience and the extent to which the brand remains relevant in order to maintain brand loyalty is crucial.

He adds, “Great brands such as the brands in the Superbrands top 10 list consistently deliver on this and that’s why consumers identify with them and think of them as their favourite.”

When contacted by A+M, a Google representative said that it is super thankful for its Malaysian users and hopes Malaysians continue to find Google products like Search, Maps, YouTube, Chrome and others enjoyable to use and make their lives better.