Google Pixel 2 ad taking a swipe at Apple iPhone backfires

Google has launched an ad campaign consisting of several videos to promote its new Pixel 2 smartphone. True to previous Pixel ads which mocked Apple, in the new spot Google made several jibes at the Apple iPhone.

One such jab was at Apple’s move to add two cameras, which saw the ad posing the question at the 39-second mark “So, you added a second camera, right?”, which implies that Google's one camera can take on both of iPhones. It even overlayed Apple’s “Storage Full” notification screen at the 52-second mark to push its unlimited storage space function on Google Photos.

However, netizens were quick to call out the company for being “hypocritical” for leaving out the 3.5mm headphone jack in the new Pixel 2 smartphone – a move which it mocked Apple for when it launched its first Pixel phone last year. As such, the company flamed for copying the iPhone by leaving out the audio jack.

When Google’s debuted its first Pixel phone, it released a spot which saw a feature-by-feature comparison of Pixel to other competitor smartphones. While Apple was not explicitly mentioned in the past ad, netizens were quick to draw the connection. The ad released last year, highlighted that the Pixel still had the 3.5mm headphone jack – a move which copped flak for Apple during its iPhone 7 series launch, as the new iPhone 7 had the audio jack removed. The original Pixel ad was well-received by netizens for its witty nature, and one which managed to “take a bite out of Apple”. As such, the move now to omit the audio jack (which it made fun of )in the new Pixel 2 was heavily panned by netizens.

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Additionally, Google also uploaded a video featuring Asian-American beauty vlogger and YouTuber, Weylie Hoang, to show Apple iPhone users how to transfer their data over to the new Pixel 2 phone. In the video, Hoang gives step-by-step instructions on the process, a move which was also mocked by netizens due to observations of an Apple Macbook being used in the demo. One netizen also called the ad out for being “cringey” and said that someone in the marketing department “needed to be fired”. Some others said that they wanted to switch to iPhone after watching the ad.

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