Google Malaysia wants to help Malaysian SMBs connect online

In collaboration with SME Corp and Maxis, Google Malaysia has launched a small and medium business (SMB) focused ‘Go Digital’ themed workshop to help more Malaysian SMBs utilise the internet to grow their business.

A survey by SME Corp Malaysia showed that despite the high use of digital devices among SMBs, less than 20 per cent of SMBs in Malaysia have internet presence, with most citing ‘trust’ as their main concern. 78.8% utilise the internet but only 19.6% are engaging in ecommerce.

Check out some infographics below:

Through its efforts, Google will be lending a helping hand to Malaysian businesses that either have no online presence or are looking to step up their digital presence both domestically and internationally.

According to Sajith Sivanandan, managing director of Google Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and new emerging markets, Malaysian SMBs do not prioritise their online presence and discoverability – making them invisible to nearly two-thirds of the Malaysian population and global market found online.

“Today’s battle for customers is won in ‘micro moments’ – the spontaneous moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that dictate outcomes throughout the entire consumer journey, which is happening with consumers on smartphones,” Sivanandan said.

At the workshop, Google Malaysia highlighted four Malaysian SMBs that successfully harnessed digital marketing to steer their businesses ahead – LSN Sewing Machines, Sonicon Construction, 123Cheese and The Battery Shop. All four companies have gone digital, resulting in their customers and potential customers now finding them more easily online.

Google Malaysia will also be holding two more SMB focused workshops in Penang and Kota Kinabalu in the coming weeks.

“We think there is tremendous growth potential for Malaysian SMBs given the mobile-first nature of Internet users here and today’s workshop is part of our long term commitment to the country which we hope can bring about tangible economic benefits for all Malaysian SMBs,” Sivanandan said.



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