Google invests a further SG$404 mln in SG-based data centre

Google has invested in SG$404 million to expand its Singapore data centre, located in Jurong.

The new data centre is said to support data demand not only in Singapore and the region, but also across the globe.  Google has 13 data centres globally. Google first launched its Singapore data centre in 2013, its first in Southeast Asia. Its other centres are in the US, Europe and in Taiwan.

The expanded facility is set to be up and running in mid-2017. The expansion is prompted by a huge increase in data usage in Singapore and across the globe, said Google.

According to Joe Kava, vice president of data centers, “more than 400,000 Singaporeans got online for the first time” a year and a half after the first data centre was set up. Since then, smartphone penetration rate, which measure the percentage of people connected to the internet, grew from 72% to 85%. In addition, majority of Singaporeans signed up for new home Internet access and got connected with speeds exceeding 100Mbps.

On its site, Google states the rationale on choosing Singapore: "Singapore offers an ideal combination of reliable infrastructure, a skilled workforce and a commitment to transparent and business friendly regulations. Singapore also has a vibrant Internet economy and is located in the center of one of the fastest growing Internet markets in the world, Southeast Asia, where millions of users are coming online every day for information and entertainment, new business opportunities and better ways to connect with friends and family, near and far."

The new facility will be a multilevel data center sitting on an estimated two  hectare plot of land. It will be located right next to the current data centre which is a three-storey facility.

This expansion will bring Google’s total investment in the Singapore data center to US$ 500 million and its long-term investment in data centers in Asia as a whole to over US$ 1 billion.

“This new facility will be built on the same principles as the “old” one,” Kava said.“It will be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly sites in Asia, using 100% recycled water for its critical operations,” he added.

With the set up of the new facility, Google aims to work with the community through community programs and its bi-annual grants ranging from US$5,000 to US$50,000.