Google introduces six-second Bumper ads

In what could be seen as Google’s answer to Vine and getting consumers to see ads rather than skip them on YouTube, it is introducing Bumper ads – a new six-second video format, sold through the AdWords auction on a CPM basis.

“Bumper ads are ideal for driving wide reach and frequency, especially on mobile, where “snackable videos” perform well,” a statement from Google said.

The six-second ads will not be skippable.

One of the early testers is Atlantic Records which used Bumpers to launch English band Rudimental’s second album.

Fiona Byers, senior marketing manager of Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group said: “TrueView and Bumpers were a really important part of the recent Rudimental campaign to tell the story of the band’s second album. Through cost-efficient bumpers we could really showcase the plethora of legendary guests featured on the record.”

Audi Germany also cut up its longer TrueView ad to introduce their Q-series SUVs with evocative German “q” words like querpass (cross kick) and quantensprung (quantum leap).

The move comes shortly after Google announced a new ad platform to monetise and personalise video content. It also announced that live TV listings will be incorporated in search results.

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