Goodstuph unveils 3D artwork inspired by agency values

A cat, an ECD with a "dad bod" and an endless stairs could mean zilch to many but for independent social and creative agency Goodstuph, these are closely tied to its core values. To exemplify its agency values, Goodstuph chose 3D artwork and revealed a series of moving images on Facebook.

In a series of post, the outgoing group of individuals in the agency developed its values into Facebook 3D images as a complimentary set of communications. Peppered with several Easter Eggs, these artwork feature Goodstuph office cat Mao in "guts"; the endless stairs where the agency's first office was in Chinatown to illustrate "grit"; as well as an ECD with a "dad bod" chasing pencils and lions in "glory". Meanwhile in "grace", there is no particular significance tied to the agency but to have grace in everything its employees do.

As for "grit", the individual has to be emotionally, mentally and physically aligned with grit.

For "glory", Goodstuph believes it is only attainable through good work and good work is created by those who possess these "good" values.

You may have heard the motto "Leave no man behind". In "grace", Goodstuph shares its outlook on hiring someone who is empathetic and a team player at the end of the day.

Speaking to Marketing, founder Pat Law explained that as an independent agency turning 10 in February 2020, Goodstuph saw a need to document its values and the distinctive common good in the people it hires. The values - Guts. Grit. Grace. Glory - are the traits Law and her team look for in those they hire.

After all, we are only as good as our people.

Goodstuph collaborated with 3D artist, Andre Wee, to develop the values together as characters. "We wanted to personify each character to reflect on how our values make us, as human beings. We applied the use of Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese art, in our treatment, because it is in our DNA to mix art with advertising," Law said.

Currently, the agency is in the midst of developing its own physical handbook, and saw an opportunity in amplifying them on Facebook. According to Law, Facebook is one of the playgrounds the agency plays in, and the Goodstuph team has yet to see a 3D render artwork while 3D photos are aplenty using the iPhone camera wholesale.