GOMO detaches from Singtel, bids social goodbye in true Millennial flair

Singtel’s digital product GOMO is detaching its branding from the parent company through its own social persona. The brand targetted at Millennials has created its own social media page on Facebook and Instagram, to split and differentiate the content from the parent company. GOMO was launched last year and had its own characters called "Zenmo", "Nomnomo", "Showmo" and "Globo" to push values Millennials can resonate with.

In true Millennial style, GOMO decided to bid goodbye with a dramatic flair. Releasing a “Breaking News” video on its new official GOMO by Singtel Facebook page, the GOMO team addressed rumours and speculations. According to GOMO, it has “moved out” of Singtel’s social media pages to forge its own path (much like a young adult wanting to move out of parents’ place, no?).

In the spot, Zenmo called for fans to join GOMO in its “kidulting life”. Marketing understands Goodstuph helped with the social media posts and execution. Watch it here:

If you follow Singtel on Facebook and Instagram, you would have noticed Singtel posting sad and emotional posts. On Tuesday, Singtel then launched a “where did GOMO go?” social media contest to get consumers to guess why Singtel is sharing sad and emotional messages on Facebook. The top 10 creative guesses will be rewarded with SG$50 GrabFood vouchers. Netizens got cracking, and many were dishing out their most creative answers in a string of comments on Singtel’s Facebook and Instagram posts.

singtel gomo fb
When GOMO first launched last year, Singtel went all out with a marketing campaign to drive awareness of its new product and mobile plan. Singtel told Marketing then its marketing efforts will be more focused on digital platforms and to bring its proposition “Less fuss, more fun”. Singtel also worked with Goodstuph then to develop customised GOMO GIFs for Instagram Stories which features the GOMO characters, alongside catchy phrases such as “Stay woke, not broke” and “Life is lit, when you eat”.

Shortly after, rival telco Circles.Life took a jab at GOMO by unveiling a microsite stating "Don't go GOMO! Go Circles.Life!". According to the website, users who switch from Singtel's GOMO plan to Circles.Life are entitled to SG$120 cashback and SG$34 off registration.

The GOMO mobile plan also faced teething issues in the first month of its launch. Reflecting on these issues, Singtel dropped a report card in the form of a rap video, featuring “Ah Boys to Men” actor and local rapper, Tosh Zhang. With the rap, Singtel addressed that the telco can "do better" and that it will. In the video, Tosh is seen rapping, “You had to wait, we won’t downplay, some of your SIM cards came late. We understand the inconvenience that you had to face.”

Meanwhile, in a subtle dig at competitor Circles.Life, which wrote an "open letter" and launched a microsite targetting Singtel's GOMO, the rap lyrics read "Some other telco dissed us for relevancy. We think that they should go and get a L-I-F-E."

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