GOMO sneaks in on TPG Mobile's media coverage on Facebook

While we have seen several instances of search word hijacking as a marketing tactic for telcos in Singapore, Singtel's Millennial first brand provider GOMO has recently snuck into a Straits Times Facebook post highlighting an article which talks about TPG Mobile's new SIM-only plan . The plan was reportedly targeted at heavy data users in Singapore, offering 80GB of data usage for SG$18 per month. Replying to the post, one netizen asked if TPG's plan will ensure its signal will not be lost when travelling through the Marina Coastal Expressway tunnel. This caused another netizen to place a cheeky plug for GOMO with the comment "better GOMO(re) than Signal-less".

GOMO then took the chance to applaud its fan by replying with a GIF of actress Jennifer Lopez clapping approvingly. The reply also came with a comment stating more benefits for GOMO users. The telco company listed three "MO(re)" reasons users should use its service: being backed by Singtel, having no contract, and a 24/7 chat support system. GOMO also included a cheeky line by saying this means it doesn't take months to reply an enquiry, followed by a winking emoji. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to GOMO for a statement. 

GOMO, which positions itself as a cheeky departure from its parent company Singrel, was also previously caught in a search word hijack where consumers searching for key words "Circles.Life porting" on Google will be greeted by an ad that says "Stop Circling. Go GOMO 40GB." The search result, unsurprisingly, links to GOMO's official website. The hijack also saw TPG Mobile tossing its name in the hat, hijacking keywords "circles life GOMO" with its ad that said "Why pay MOore? - Get 50GB for $10 with TPG". 

The telco war to attract users in Singapore has been around since a couple of years back. One of the earlier attempts was in April 2019 when Circles.Life published an open letter on The Straits Times and The New Paper which was addressed to fellow telcos "red" (presumably, Singtel) and "green" (ironically, StarHub) in Singapore for "finally recognising that its customers are not happy". Circles.Life was one of the earlier telcos that entered the telco industry, which was originally occupied by the three bigger telcos: Singtel, StarHub, and M1. Since then, Singtel and StarHub have also launched their own mobile provider brands, GOMO and giga! respectively. 

Meanwhile GOMO has also been creating its own social persona on its own social media pages on Facebook and Instagra. In 2019, GOMO created its own characters called "Zenmo", "Nomnomo", "Showmo" and "Globo" to push values Millennials can resonate with. The brand also recently diversified its offerings by hosting a talk show. Titled "Late Night Convo with GOMO", the six-episode talk show is made available on Facebook and Instagram Live. Its talk show host was also decided through an online contest the telco held late last year. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE understands that GOMO works with Goodstuph as its social media agency.

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