Circles.Life publishes open letter on newspapers for fellow telcos 'red' and 'green'

The founders of Circles.Life have released a letter on The Straits Times and The New Paper addressed to fellow telcos "red" (presumably, Singtel) and "green" (ironically, StarHub) in Singapore for "finally recognising that its customers are not happy".

Instead of advertising its mobile plans and benefits, in the open letter founders (and former subscibers of red and green) Rameez Ansar, Adeel Najam and Abhishek Gupta said they faced lock-in contracts, poor customer service and rigid mobile plans just like the rest of Singaporeans. In the letter, the founders shared that Circles.Life was created for all the "frustrated Singaporeans just like them".

"We gave the power back to the customer, the power we didn't have as your former customers. We let them take full control of their own mobile plans. Because they know what's best for them, and we trust our customers," the print ad said.

Circles.Life was launched in 2016 as a digital telco operator. In its close to three years in the Singapore market, the telco prides itself as a "fun" brand poking fun at fellow competitors and creating humour-filled ads for its discounted perks. Hence it came as no surprise when the founders said in the open letter that they were flattered to be mimicked in their services.

"Since we came into the picture, you've followed our lead in giving people more. So don't get us wrong, we're really flattered. But while you guys were busy catching up, saying hello to change and yes you can, we've already come up with something better. Something no other telco has done," the letter read.

Circles.Life rolled out a discount for its base plan, catering to both its existing and new customers. The founders then said the reason behind the new perks were, "Because we put our customers first and we're here to make sure their voice is heard. We've now given more power back to them, and we'll continue to give them even more." The note is signed off as,"The Circles.Life Founders, fueled by all frustrated telco customers".

This comes shortly after Circles.Life pulled a marketing stunt with a microsite stating "Don’t go GOMO! Go Circles.Life!”, aimed at Singtel’s new GOMO plan. The telco known for its cheeky advertising had initially created a microsite which said users who switch from Singtel’s GOMO plan to Circles.Life are entitled to SG$120 cashback and SG$34 off registration. The imitated site also did a comparison of the Circles.Life’s new plan, as opposed to GOMO’s. The stunt was unveiled to be a promotion of its new referral scheme.

If you are wondering why the "orange" (M1) telco was not part of Circles.Life's cheeky swipes at competitors, Circles.Life had purchased bandwidth from M1 for its operations in Singapore.