GolinHarris changes name

Communications firm GolinHarris has renamed itself Golin. The name change comes exactly three years after launching its g4 model, which the company claims transformed the agency structure from a "hierarchy of generalists to communities of specialists".

This, it said, was done to meet the changes in the communications industry.

“Our g4 model has changed the way we think and work,” Fred Cook, CEO of Golin said. “We’re not the same company we were three years ago. And we’re certainly not the same company we were 58 years ago. It’s time for our brand to reflect who we are and for our vision to represent who we want to be.”

To reinforce the brand’s DNA, Golin is adopting a new tagline of ‘Go All In’ which, according to Cook, reflects the agency’s commitment in giving “clients the deepest insights and boldest ideas and its people the best opportunities.”

In its first move post the rebrand, Golin is launching its latest research on brand relevance at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this Sunday.

In the past few months, Golin has hired Caroline Dettman to lead its g4 communities; Pamela Culpepper to develop its people; Chuck Hemann to develop its analytics; and Neil Kleiner to drive its digital expertise. These additions are part of Golin’s ‘Go All In’ strategy rolling out over the next 12 months.

“To stay relevant, we must embrace new technologies and push creative boundaries to help ourselves and our clients adapt and win in a constantly changing world,” Al Golin, the agency’s founder and chairman said.