Golin HK joins two NGOs to work on mental health initiative

Golin Hong Kong has formed a pro bono partnership with two NGOs to help raise the awareness of mental health, and stop the stigma among young people. 

The partnership will see Golin Hong Kong support the joint youth mental health initiative “Coolminds” launched by Mind HK and KELY Support Group, by assisting them with media relations and creative content. 

A mental health resource programme aimed at the younger generation, their parents and teachers, Coolminds will provide workshops and training programmes, including in-school and online presentations for students, parents and educators, as well as resources for those in need.

“Coolminds has arrived at a time when the Hong Kong youth community needs it the most and we’re proud to be supporting it. We see concerns and mental health issues on the rise and we need to act now for the sake of the future generation, and indeed all,” said Jane Morgan, managing director of Golin Hong Kong.

The latest partnership is not the first time Golin Hong Kong has worked with Mind HK. It supported Mind HK’s “Move It For Mental Health” campaign in February 2019 and 2020, as well as organising the “Putting Mental Health on the Table” in-office event to raise funds for Mind HK to encourage colleagues to talk about emotional wellbeing.

The agency has also done pro bono PR work to support The Women’s Foundation. 

“After an already strong collaboration on past campaigns, we are excited to continue our work with Golin (Hong Kong) to champion our youth mental health work among various spaces in the Hong Kong community,” said Carol Liang, communications manager at Mind HK.

“More than ever, mental health needs to be de-stigmatised, and young people deserve to know there is nothing taboo about their wellbeing. Here at Mind HK, we know that with the agency’s help, we can achieve significant change in the lives of our community.”

Added Rosanna Yim, senior manager of communications and development at KELY Support Group: “Relying completely on the overburdened medical system is not the solution in Hong Kong. We need to support a system where there is an increase in knowledge about mental health in society at the grassroots level, and the encouragement of more open dialogue. 

“With the support of Golin, we are confident the promotion and preventive initiative of mental health can reach a wider target audience in Hong Kong.”

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