Goldheart debuts chatbot to help men in relationships shop for jewellery

Goldheart Jewelry has launched its free Facebook chatbot. Called Bling, the chatbot is designed to provide consumers with information on jewellery and make jewellery shopping a more personalised and enjoyable experience.

According to the brand, although geared at both men and women, the chatbot is especially designed for male users to offer them advice and tips in various stages of relationships - courtship, proposal, marriage and anniversaries. Topics the chatbot covers include determining the gold carat and details about diamonds, reminders of important dates such as birthdays and proposals and recommendations for a suitable diamond ring.

Consumers can access Goldheart's chatbot via the "Message" button on its Facebook page. According to the press statement, more features will be added to enhance user interaction and experience after assessing feedback from Bling's launch.

“Digitisation is the new frontier for retail businesses today. We are truly excited to be using social technology to engage the modern generation of time-strapped, fast paced consumers at an even more personal level than ever," Iris Tan, brand manager, Goldheart Jewelry, said.

“In creating Bling, we are mindful to place our customers first by making it an informational resource first and foremost. By deploying Bling on Facebook – one of the most widely used social media platform in Singapore – we ensure that it is accessible to our target audience,” she added.