Golden Agri-Resources' video series highlights Indonesians in the palm oil industry

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) has unveiled “The Journey”, the first in a series of new videos presenting inspiring stories of people at the heart of the sustainability transformation underway in the palm oil industry in Indonesia. The videos form the next phase of GAR’s Extraordinary Everyday campaign first launched in 2017.

Continuing with its mission to share the stories of the people behind palm oil, GAR’s “The Journey” spot features farmer, Yatimin, and elementary teacher, Siti Musyaropah from West Kalimantan, a rural province of Indonesia on the island of Borneo, as well as food technologist, Punjung Renjani, from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

“The Journey” also serves to provides insight into how GAR is helping to improve sustainable practices, support community development, and drive improved nutrition through the people working along the palm oil value chain. The campaign does not have a set duration but has works in place to produce another video later in the year.

Global Initiatives, an organisation that promotes partnership solutions for global challenges, was the creative team behind the video.

"These videos and the stories that lie behind them aim to showcase a more human and more positive aspect of this extraordinary, natural, plant-based ingredient," Anita Neville, GAR vice president of corporate communications and sustainability relations, said.

Neville explained that within the company's own operations in Indonesia, employment is provided to more than 170,000 people. Through its engagement with the often remote, rural communities which it operates in, its indirect impact on lives is even greater.

"Some 16 million people in Indonesia are directly or indirectly employed in the industry, we wanted to show that, when responsibly produced, palm oil can and is having lasting positive impacts on the lives of these people,” she added.

"As we continue on GAR’s sustainability journey, we want to encourage and enable more people within the industry, especially smallholders, to adopt better practices that deliver better yields with less impact on the environment, resulting in greater incomes for farmers. These videos show the potential of the industry with the right tools and the right people," GAR executive director, Jesslyne Widjaja, said.