Gojek straps comedian Fakkah Fuzz into the driver seat to get SG folks swearing

Gojek Singapore has unveiled a video of a social experiment by local comedian Fakkah Fuzz in commemoration of the World Kindness Day. As Gojek driver-for-a-day, Fuzz challenged passengers to?offer compliments in as many languages as they can "swear" in.

According to a press release, Gojek is joining the World Kindness Day conversation by encouraging Singaporeans to make private hire rides a kind space. It is?part of ongoing efforts to mark Gojek's first anniversary in Singapore. The ride-hailing company aims to encourage Singaporeans be "fluent in kindness" too through the social experiment, which is inspired by how the first words pick up from any new language are often curse words.

In the two-minute long video, passengers started off with unsuspecting passengers sharing the curse words they learned in other languages (censored, of course). Most riders are then tasked to think of kind words in other languages instead.



The video has been launched on Gojek Singapore's Facebook page today. According to the creative agency behind the video, BLKJ, it will be launched on other social channels such as YouTube and Instagram soon. The video will also be boosted on social media to reach a wider audience.

BLKJ CEO and co-founder, Rowena Bhagchandani told Marketing that the concept is founded on a simple cultural quirk that when it comes to the various languages and dialects Singaporeans converse in, many can curse fluently but struggle to compliment. She added:?"It is a simple but overlooked observation - leveraging this in a meaningful yet irreverent way was what led to our response to the brief. We are stoked that Gojek heartily took the thinking onboard as its way of championing positivity this World Kindness Day."

Earlier this month, Gojek launched a "Snap and win" contest online for commuters to spot a Gojek-branded car on the streets and share a picture of it on Facebook and Instagram. In line with its first anniversary in Singapore, the ride-hailing company decorated selected cars with birthday stickers. It is?part of Gojek?s month-long series of initiatives, centred around its mission to bring choice to Singapore?s ride-hailing.?Apart from this engagement effort, Gojek also rolled out a social media contest ?Would you rather?? that aims to build brand love among users.

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