GOJEK partners with Carousell to woo new users with vouchers

Ride-hailing service GOJEK has partnered with Carousell, in a bid to reward Carousell users who are new GOJEK riders with  ride vouchers. As such, Carousell users who download the GOJEK app by clicking on the GOJEK ads on Carousell’s app or website will receive additional ride vouchers. This is on top of the SG$5 vouchers offered to new riders by GOJEK.

GOJEK’s global head of transport, Raditya Wibowo, said that the company looks to partner local brands that align with its mission of making the everyday lives of people better. "As Singapore’s most well-known consumer-to-consumer marketplace, Carousell solves a pain point for consumers by making the exchange of goods and services more accessible. We are excited to team up with Carousell and grow together with such an innovative local partner," he added.

Prior to its launch, the ride-hailing firm also partnered with DBS Bank. According to the partnership, the two companies will work together on payment services and soon extend to other countries in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, GOJEK was in a bad light as its drivers were able to claim rewards and rates for unfulfilled rides. The ride-hailing firm said that it will be looking into the "small number" of cases complained.

Most recently, GOJEK launched its OOH campaign with ads running across the nation highlighting words such as “promos” and with cheeky lines such as “Hey Goliath, there is a new Dave in town”, “Remember the days you loved ride-sharing, they are back”, and “No more promo fomo”. This came in line with the ride-hailing company’s recent islandwide launch of its services to all consumers across Singapore, as part of an enhancement of its beta phase. Marketing also understands that its OOH were not created with the intention of taking a swipe at the competition in the market – namely Grab.