Gojek launches #AmanBersamaGojek to grow digital literacy in Indonesia


Gojek has launched a campaign aimed at enhancing safety standards and user protection in Indonesia. Titled “Safe with Gojek” (#AmanBersamaGojek), the campaign is underpinned by three pillars - education, technology, and protection. 

Amongst its education initiatives, Gojek will be partnering with Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the University of Gadjah Mada to enhance digital literacy in Indonesia and arm consumers with knowledge on protecting themselves against cyber and other security threats.

Starting with six cities in Indonesia, all parties will work together to raise public awareness of the various types of online fraud and instill good cybersecurity habits through in-app games, public service announcements and seminars conducted by the University.  

This initiative follows Gojek’s efforts to build a reliable platform for its users, driven by Gojek SHIELD, a suite of technologies and features designed to fortify the platform’s safety and security. Run by data scientists, engineers and cybersecurity experts, Gojek SHIELD leverages machine learning to eliminate preventable risks and detect suspicious behaviour on the Gojek platform.  

Gojek has also been taking the lead on tackling anti-fraud efforts, which led to the recent suspension of 120 drivers in Singapore who were using modified apps. Kevin Aluwi, Gojek co-CEO, said as the Gojek platform continues to grow and impact more people in Indonesia and across the region, the company is committed in protecting its users.

“Central to this is our focus on providing users with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure their well-being. This includes phone number masking, the share trip function and an emergency button that links to Gojek’s emergency unit for 24/7 assistance.  With the launch of this initiative, we hope that consumers and partners will join us in our effort to build a safer and more robust ecosystem for everyone,” he added.

Meanwhile, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, director general of Informatics Applications, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, said while digital usage in Indonesia is among the highest in the world, with around 170 million internet users, digital literacy is still relatively low.

“In order not to lose momentum, we must work hard together to improve Indonesia’s digital literacy. This is our priority at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. We appreciate Gojek's efforts to proactively improve digital literacy amongst the wider community through education so that Indonesians can get the most out of technology,” he added.

Gojek has also continuously worked towards strengthening its protection efforts by providing driver partners with training on road safety habits and first aid skills. In addition to training, Gojek’s protection measures include protection for GoPay consumers against unauthorised transactions and its pioneering efforts in providing trip insurance coverage for driver partners, passengers and goods delivered through the platform. 

Recently, Gojek denied potential merger between Gojek and Grab and called media reports inaccurate. "There are no plans for any sort of merger, and recent media reports regarding discussions of this nature are not accurate," Gojek's spokesperson told Marketing Interactive. Meanwhile, rival Grab has declined to comment. The report was first made by The Information report, which said the two had a “serious conversations” about a potential tie up. Nonetheless, both Gojek and Grab are no strangers to acquisitions and mergers. Earlier in February, Gojek was said to have acquired a minority stake Indonesian taxi operator Blue Bird for US$30 million. Gojek is now expected have a 4.3% stake in Blue Bird, which comes months after the former expressed interest in the latter. 

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