GoGoVan paints itself as giving 'life' to its customers

If you have seen Michelangelo's famous artwork "The Creation of Adam", you might find visuals from the latest GOGOVAN TVC familiar.

Playing with the classic pointing poses between God and Adam in the artpiece, which symbolise the spark of life God gave Adam, the TVC puts characters from different walks of life into the same pose.

Students pointing at a cello, hikers pointing at a bike, families pointing at a house, or workers delightfully pointing at piles of documents, all visuals serve to bring out the message that you can settle logistics problems simply by moving your fingertips - and call a GOGOVAN to help.

Basil Cheung, marketing manager and regional brand manager at GOGOVAN, said this TVC is the company's latest branding attempt to get the public familiar with its usage.

"While competitors put their branding focus on functionality, we are differentiating ourselves with a simple app design," he said. "What concern customers most is whether or not they can get free themselves from the complexity of logistics with the services. That's why we are branding ourselves as being able to get your job done in this campaign."

The TVC is primarily released on several digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords and on certain apps, and has reached 92k and 9k views on its Facebook page and on YouTube respectively since its release in late October. Cheung said they will consider having above-the-line (ATL) advertising starting next year.

He added that following Hong Kong's launch, the company will also release the TVC in other regional markets, including Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.


Regional Brand Manager: Basil Cheung
Regional Design Lead: Joshua Lau
Senior Brand Executive: Hilary Chang
Digital Marketing Specialist:  Agnes Li
Brand Designer: Olga Chu
Advertising Agency: The Right Side
Executive Creative Director: Miranda Shing/ Alfred Wong
Art Director: Yammi Yeung
Copywriter: Chungtsz Shen
Brand Director: Alice Lee
Production House: Happy Birthday
Director: Ka Chan