GO-JEK's quirky 3.0 ads bring personalisation to an off-beat level

GO-JEK has launched a series of spots in line with its 3.0 application debut, which was created to be made more relevant and personalised to individual users, on top of a more modern look.

Called “GO-JEK VERSI KAMU (GO-JEK your version)”, the campaign uses different personas with the objective of creating awareness and educate users how their app experience can be different from other users. This is by customising their app functions and user experience in the process.

Through the campaign, the technology company looks showcase its understanding towards individual needs and wants. It also looks to acknowledge how each GO-JEK user has their own way in using the company’s services. The campaign features three distinct characters, The Cinema Announcer, Kunti and Gozali, along with their own personal versions of GO-JEK. It also runs on television, cinema, print, Facebook and Instagram.

In the spot titled “Gozali”, a Godzilla-like creature is seen delaying his epic fight with a GO-JEK driver dressed like a Power Rangers-like character to try out different GO-JEK functions. This includes Go-Ride, Go-Tix, and even food delivery, which showcases recommendations.

Since its posting on Sunday, the spot has garnered around 1.3 million views, 22,000 reactions, 11,000 shares and 805 comments at the time of writing on Facebook.

Its Kunti spot saw a female ghost also using the GO-JEK 3.0 application to get various services delivered to her as well in a hilarious manner. Out of all the riders, only the masseuse sent from GO-JEK’s Go-Massage service did not flinch at the ghost. This spot garnered around 957,533 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, its third spot titled “The Cinema Announcer” references bioskop announcers (“cinema” in English) in Indonesia. It also features famous announcer Maria Oentoe, who also makes an appearance in the video. In the video, Oentoe gets replaced by another announcer distracted by the GO-JEK updates.

Most recently, GO-JEK wrote a letter to Uber, published on its social media pages, days after the latter bowed out of Southeast Asia. In the note published on its Facebook which tagged Uber, Go-Jek thanked Uber for its efforts in the market. This includes showing that technology can drive change, product experience outweigh promotions, and “constantly [raising] the bar." The company also secured investments from Google and Astra International this year.

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