Go Communications sets up in Laos

Go Communications has formed a partnership with Sengdara Communications in Laos, headquartered in Vientiane.

The Laos partnership adds further strength to the Go Group’s network that includes offices in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Japan, India and China. With offices in each of the Mekong Delta countries, The Go Group has an edge to service both international and local companies who are looking for a network.

Go Communications will bring its experience and knowledge to the countries in the Mekong Delta both in the traditional and digital areas of public relations.  In addition, local PR professionals in each country will be mentored into increasing their PR capabilities.

The Go Communications Group has over 350 clients including: Nikon, Toshiba, Tourism Victoria, Defence Services Asia, TNT Express, Mitsubishi Electric, Cathay Pacific, Wacoal, Celebrity Fitness, Air Asia, Pfizer, Shell, Magnolia, FOX, MERCK and MSD amongst others.

Go Communications CEO, Michael de Kretser (pictured) said: “the partnership with Sengdara is an important strategic move in the Group’s network within the Mekong Delta”.

De Kretser added: “The Mekong Delta is one of the fastest growing regions in Asia with GDP annually above 10% and foreign investment mainly from Malaysia, China and India exceeding US$25 billion.”

The CEO of Sengdara Communications, Viroun Sengdara said: “the partnership will help add experience and expertise to our agency as public relations is growing in importance annually.

He added: “Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries with over 2 million visitors a year, and the GDP real growth rate exceeding 8%”.