Globe to boost e-books adoption with Flipside

Globe Telecom has formalized its partnership with Flipside Publishing Services, Inc. (FPSI) to promote the use of electronic books (e-books) in educational and corporate institutions nationwide.

FPSI is be one of three companies who have teamed up with Globe myBusiness to launch its education solutions portfolio last November. In addition to e-books, the program is supported by an integrated learning platform called Brightspace from Desire2Learn and a school management system dubbed Educube from Globals Inc.

FPSI will enable clients to convert, publish and distribute their very own e-bookstore or e-bookshelf. The tie-up has already produced the Philippine Educational E-book Reader (PEER), an e-reader app which also serves as an e-book store and distribution platform.

PEER is currently online and is scheduled to launch an app in early 2015. Users will be able to access over 100,000 titles on iOS or Android gadgets in the PEER app or through personal computers and Apple devices via Adobe Digital Editions.

FPSI is an investee company of Kickstart Ventures, Inc. (KVI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Inc, which is listed by tech giant Apple Inc. as one of nine international ePub Conversion & Delivery Houses for its iBooks ebook platform.

“Working with a world-class partner in Flipside, a trusted company by publishers and schools, Globe will be able to help solve concerns of schools and other learning entities with the power of technology – from the administrators all the way to the students – as we move from mass production of printed and static material to mass customization, effectively ushering a new digital interactive media platform through tablets, handhelds and mobile phones,” said Globe Executive Vice President and COO for International and Business Markets Gil Genio.