Glenfiddich's new global campaign asks, "Where next?"

Glenfiddich rolled out a new global campaign this month, uniting all of its markets under a simple question: Where next?

Wondering where we go from here seems to be a shared concern on many of our minds, but the message is bigger than just the annus horribilis; for Glenfiddich, it's a question that defines the brand's ethos: Asking "Where next?" is how the distiller strives to maintain its reputation as as "the world's most awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky". 

At the centre of the campaign, Glenfiddich tapped London-based creative agency Space to create a film featuring the brand's iconic stag, an animal that faces uncertainty of its own each year when it sheds its antlers. For the stag, embracing the unknown is what makes it stronger.

In addition to the spot, Space also developed accompanying social, digital, OOH and print advertising to unite all of Glenfiddich's markets around the campaign messaging.

“We are excited to launch this bold new direction and a unified single creative proposition for Glenfiddich across the world. We worked closely with Space to understand the mindset of our customers and what it is that makes them – and us – stand out from the crowd," said Claudia Falcone, Glenfiddich global brand director at William Grant & Sons.

“The idea is about challenging yourself. It’s incredibly important not to rest on your achievements and to always look to what comes next, a way of thinking driven our brand’s success. That’s the idea behind this campaign – that a stag is proud and masterful but must embrace is own vulnerability with the annual loss of its antlers before it grows stronger still."

The work will first appear in India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and the US before heading to Europe and the UK in early 2021.

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