Samsung Group's Cheil Worldwide launches e-comm platform GETTT in South Korea

With holiday shopping just around the corner, Samsung Group's marketing agency Cheil Worldwide has announced the launch of GETTT, a new e-commerce platform in South Korea.

GETTT, short for "GET THE TASTE," is designed to help shoppers find their own tastes. With around 70 participating lifestyle brands at launch, ranging from fashion to beauty to interior to tech, users will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

A key distinction between GETTT and other e-commerce platforms is the ability to test products out before buying them. According to a survey conducted by Cheil Worldwide, 79% of 20 to 40 year olds replied that they have regretted online shopping in the past. As the platform is designed to help users curate their personal style instead of blindly forcing them to buy products that may or may not be the right fit, the rental option offers users the opportunity to see if products meet their style before they commit. After a trial period, users will be given the option to return or purchase.

This rental/trial experience isn't only available to individuals, but also content companies as well. Offering a B2B rental service for outfits or props will ideally be an efficient way for small to medium productions and creators to design sets and style shoots to their liking.

As the country's largest advertising agency, GETTT should prove highly beneficial to Cheil Worldwide, who aim to strengthen their digital marketing capabilities with the e-commerce and customer analysis that the platform will provide them. 

"We look forward to proposing insightful trends through utilising Cheil Worldwide's creative and data-driven marketing capabilities," said the representative from GETTT.

"GETTT will continue to provide new opportunities to experience the different taste and lifestyles, and help connect less known brands with consumers who appreciate them."

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