Geneco hires former StarHub talent Alex Chan as head of marketing


StarHub’s former senior manager for brand and marketing communications Alex Chan (pictured) has joined electric utility company Geneco as the new head of marketing.

He was with the telco for six years, and led several key campaigns such as "Home By Homes", "Grades Before Grade" and "Never Grow Apart" as StarHub worked towards building the brand further and creating meaningful conversations among the nation. He was responsible for managing and enhancing the company’s reputation, as well as translating brand strategies into brand plans, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies, among others.  

Prior to that, he worked with M1 as its marketing communications manager for more than six years. His role was to lead and execute effective marketing communications plans and strategies, collaborate with advertising and media agencies to execute these campaigns, and work effectively with partners such as Apple and Samsung for marketing strategies. 

At Geneco, Chan will focus on two key approaches – brand-first and digital-first. According to Chan, more than just providing electricity, he aims for the company to power change. But leaving the telco industry was not an easy decision to make. However, moving to Geneco was easy, Chan shared candidly.

In an email interview with Marketing, he explained that two years into the competitive open electricity market, Geneco has aggressively raced to the top as one of the leading electricity retailers. According to Chan, the company is also focused on brand-building as an equal priority. 

“The adrenaline and the importance placed on brand building very much resonated with my own personal drive and hence here I am at Geneco, excited and refreshed,” he said. For Geneco, he added, the company’s key is the purpose of its brand, in a market where price and promotion are too similar to stand out as a preferred choice. 

Last year, Geneco developed an initiative called ChangeMakersSG, where the electricity retailer collaborates with like-minded partners who have the same vision to build a more sustainable nation for the future generations. These range from sustainable farm produce and teaching kids on going green to even reducing electrical waste by repairing appliances. Through ChangeMakersSG, Geneco has since held several events to engage and interest the public on what they can do to power the change with the company. 

Similarly, as the COVID-19 outbreak impact on Singapore worsened, Geneco too lent a hand in aiding the less privileged. Chan told Marketing that Food Bank Singapore, which provides food for those in need, saw a 70% dip in donations amid the COVID-19 situation and affecting the number of meals that could be sent to those in need. Geneco then pledged 1000 meals and ran a social media campaign to spread awareness of the Food Bank, which is also one of the ChangeMakersSG partners, was facing. The campaign called for netizens to tag their friends and include the hashtag #SGUnited, as Geneco will donate a meal on their behalf to the less privileged.

In addition, in these trying times, Geneco curated a series of Instagram social content to help Singaporeans spend their time meaningfully in their homes. The social media campaign titled #stayhomewithgeneco, has three core focus. Firstly, 'Power Good Mondays', which would highlight some communities in need that requires support from Singaporeans, followed by 'Power On Wednesdays' that focuses on mental well-being with self-improvement and entertainment content that are ready online. Last but not least, there will be ‘Power FamTime Fridays’. 

As more Singaporeans are staying home and spending more time on social media, Chan said Instagram was the most suitable platform for Geneco to showcase these content. He added that this was also in line with how Geneco’s Instagram page has constantly been featuring more lifestyle-based content, promoting green living. 

Geneco has also issued an Instagram challenge to all families with kids by encouraging them to spend their weekends meaningfully with green projects to take on together. According to Geneco, 10 families will be rewarded with SG$100 vouchers when they take part in the green projects, hashtag #stayhomewithgeneco, tag Geneco and tag their friends to forward the challenge. The campaign will run for a month, and aims to contribute reasons for togetherness and at the same time, inspire all to make a ‘green’ difference.