Garnier challenges outdated views of millennial males

Garnier Hong Kong has launched a social media campaign for its Acno Fight skincare line targeted at young men between 15 and 35, highlighting antiquated attitudes about skincare and hygiene in a lighthearted way.

With a theme of “My Leh Feh Idol”, the campaign centres around the insight that young men in the target group often share the attitude that they don’t need to take special care of their skin, with oft-quoted statements such as, “I just use water to wash my face”, “I’m still young, my skin will take care of itself, or “I use skincare products only when I have a problem”.

To make attention to skincare hip again, Garnier and digital agency Daylight Partnership have partnered with YouTube influencer FH Production, makers of the popular “bear head” videos, to bring home the message.

Daylight Partnership and FH Production have co-created a video entitled, “Garnier men: a girl’s challenges with her boyfriend”, which can be viewed on FH’s fledgling second channel.

“Through our focus groups and researches, we found that men, especially Millennial males, generally don’t care about their skin, and they’re reluctant to commercial messages. Communications that aim to engage this tough-to-reach audience have to be subtle,” David Ko, co-founder of Daylight Partnership, told Marketing.

“Social media is a natural channel for reaching Millennials who comprise the majority of the target group. We’ve combined a YouTube KOL that is immensely popular with young men in the target age bracket, with the highest penetration of SNS in HK (Facebook), and distributed the message across several accounts, including the personal FB accounts of the talents, BIE and ‘南’.”

“The most difficult creative challenge has been crafting a storyline that is attractive and viewable, while still integrating the product. We’re happy that the reaction from viewers on YT has been very favourable, with some even applauding that the video does not feel ‘hard sell’.”

“The decision-making process of men on skincare products is very different from females.

“They focus on labels instead of actual functions of the products. In this campaign we adopted an entertaining approach with a famous YouTube KOL to hook this specific audience group by decoding their oft-quoted statements towards skincare.”

He added that the campaign performance would be measured by reach and engagement, following post-campaign plans to capture the audience.

Fans of the Garnier Hong Kong page are invited to nominate their friends with the hashtag #MyLehFehIdol, together with a witty description of why they feel their friends need to let go of antiquated attitudes about skincare.

The campaign runs until the beginning of July.

Client: Garnier Hong Kong
Online media partner: FH Production
Digital agency: Daylight Partnership
Media agency: Mindshare