Garmin rewrites content rules with Ugly Duckling Projects

Wearable athleisure brand, Garmin has partnered with Ugly Duckling Projects, a content production company based in Singapore to produce bespoke content. According to a statement given to Marketing, this partnership comes as brands in Asia increasingly face the conflicting challenge of producing content with speed and efficiency while looking to access the right expertise to help deliver scale and quality.

Ugly Duckling Projects, apart from providing full-scale creative and production services, also provides consulting expertise and advice for marketers, helping to navigate their content production needs internally and externally, for greater agility and efficiency.  Services provided include building hybrid creative and production capabilities, production consultancy, creative and strategy consultancy, remote production and training programmes to upskill internal marketing teams.

Alvin Koh, regional marketing planning at Garmin said the Ugly Duckling Projects tailored “end-to-end creative and production solutions” for Garmin’s regional product campaign, creating a full suite of integrated content. “Less layers with the right senior expertise, all designed to deliver premium quality content that sticks,” Koh added.

Meanwhile, Robbie Bempasciuto, creative partner of Ugly Duckling Projects said the company was constantly engaging with brands which had an increased focus on change models, whether it be “in-housing” or wanting to explore a hybrid content production approach for a more agile and seamless solution. 

“Many struggle when it comes to dealing with the complexities around creativity, quality and scalability. With a deep grounding in creative and production, fused with representing a pool of high-quality filmmakers, photographers and producers, locally and regionally, our consultancy arm customises optimal plug-and-play models for brands,” Bempasciuto said.

Annette Fausboll, executive producer of Ugly Duckling Projects said the interest in the production value chain was growing steadily, adding that the company’s value came from listening to and guiding its partners to optimise production and minimise risk. “We see ourselves as being a more integrated part of the solution and an extension of internal teams. Our flexibility has resulted in an enhanced strategic approach to assist brands in managing production risk, and maximise value from their content investment,” Fausboll added.

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