FT records 30% jump in digital subscribers

The Financial Times has released updated figures on its digital subscription model, announcing it has broken the quarter of a million mark, representing a 30% year-on-year jump.

Of the 250,000 subscribers, 100,000 are corporate subscriptions coming from over 2,000 different licenses.

Why some newspaper sites have seen their online subscriptions fall after erecting a paywall, others are finding success.

The The Financial Times could pin its success to a metered system, where readers have the option to register for a limited number of articled before paying full price.

The FT added a growing number of businesses from professional services, communications firms, as well as media owners were taking out corporate license to provide staff with access FT content.

Earlier this year The New York Times published results saying the number of paid subscription packages for and other digital platforms has surpassed 100,000 since it launched a paywall on 28 March.

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