Fortune adopts new remedy for health marketing

After several failed attempts at getting consumers to recall product lines, Fortune Pharmacal is taking a different approach to marketing two new products.

From 9 December the company will launch a TV commercial using humor and heritage to promote two new products: “Health Star Granules” and “Appetising Granules” under its Good Fortune, kids product line.

Created by Metta Communication, the 20 second commercial titled “Ng’s family”, aims to highlight two main functions of the newly launched products, sleeping and digestion, and is blending humor and old Hong Kong flavor to entertain audiences.

The campaign spans across print, social media activations and on TVB Pearl Time Check.

“As our company manages a wide range of product lines, second line products tend to easily be forgotten by consumers. It is hard for them to recall our second line products name. This type of comical commercial is the new way of adoption,” said Teresa Poon, sales and marketing manager of Fortune Pharmacal.

“We’ve tried several remedies for the problem such as repeating our product names over and over in the commercial, trying to implant the names into audiences’ mind. But the market environment is changed and consumer no longer want to be brainwashed. Adopting a playful and leisure approach in our marketing plans is crucial to cater to nowadays audiences’ interest,” she added.

Media buying of the campaign was handled in-house.



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