Fortune Pharmacal runs animated ad with Kymechow

Fortune Pharmacal has rolled out an animated campaign "For every kind of cough" for its cough remedies in collaboration with Kymechow.

Featuring a series of illustrations and an animated TV commercial, which includes a "cough-hop" music soundtrack, the campaign will comprise various media including TV, outdoor, print and online. It's evolved from the insight that most people are not that aware of the different cough types we all suffer from all the time.

The campaign also includes a "coughing guide" leaflet, which will be distributed at retail outlets.

The Fortune cough remedies range (Excaugh, Decaugh, Decaugh II) is designed to help treat different kinds of coughs and their symptoms, so the campaign seeks to educate the public about that in an entertaining and highly visible way.

Angel Choi, general manager at Fortune Pharmacal, said: “Fortune Pharmacal is constantly looking for creative ways to bring education components into our campaign. This campaign, 'WHAT THE COUGH?', will help create public awareness on the different types of coughs and the appropriate medicines to address the different signs."

Kymechow was appointed to handle the business in November 2015 after a pitch, and has been working to produce the campaign in time for the "coughing season".

Agency: Kymechow
Production company: Wowwowtank
Sound design: Giggle Music