Fortis appoints Section

Singapore-based independent digital agency Section is working with global hospital brand Fortis Surgical Hospital to launch an integrated campaign.

The worldwide campaign will be called Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM).

The integrated campaign features social media engagement, digital mailers, and a revamped microsite. It runs alongside print media from Splash Productions and aims to raise awareness about colorectal cancer.

The campaign also features a Facebook app titled “Pledge Your Love.” The app focuses on love as the reason to go for colorectal screening. It encourages people to pledge their love by rallying their loved ones to guard against colorectal cancer.  This connects to the CCAM microsite, which focuses on educating people about the importance of going for screening.

Making use of previous user data and other research, the newly revamped Fortis CCAM microsite is now mobile optimized to cater to increasing numbers of users who access the web through their mobile devices.

As Fortis’ appointed digital agency, Section has also previously worked on Fortis Surgical Hospital’s main website, which was launched in February 2014.