Former digital agency execs look to disrupt the way companies hire

Janet Teo and Vic Sithasanan (pictured) have left APD to launch Potentio - a technology startup set to disrupt the recruitment industry.

Potentio seeks to exploit a candidate’s explorative nature by building a market network with industry professionals to leverage their networks, said a release. The technology aims to provide clients with endorsed candidates who would not be looking for a job otherwise.

“In our recent beta test, we were able to fulfill difficult briefs within days, the same briefs that took months to fill before,” Sithasanan said, referring to its first product, SCOUT. Recently launched, SCOUT is a recommendation system powered by senior industry experts. In Kuala Lumpur for instance, Potentio currently has 60 active SCOUTs in the advertising and marketing vertical.

Potentio plans to expand this offer to other verticals in the coming months. Another challenge facing recruiters and HR professionals is the adoption of data-led hiring strategies. Potentio’s second product, still in development, takes a queue from the finance industry to solve. “We’re working with experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring a second product to market in the next six months.

“Based on successful hiring strategies – the same way a financial trader uses different trading strategies. Our goal is to power internal HR teams and managers to find better people. Our technology allows them to do that”, Sithasanan said.

Potentio is based in Kuala Lumpur and plans to be a regional business within the next twelve months.

Both Teo and Sithasanan were CEO Malaysia and CEO Asia respectively for APD an independent digital agency in Asia Pacific.

The duo founded FutureLab, a boutique digital and innovation firm, that was fully acquired by Next Digital in 2012.  Since then, Teo and Sithasanan have played key roles growing the network across the region. “When we were growing the network across the region, our biggest pain point was finding good people fast. Even with the various recruitment options, we always felt there was still a palpable gap. We both knew then that this was an area ripe for innovation”, Teo said.