For its 70th year, Star Industrial is rebooting the Red A strategy, audience, and product range

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Star Industrial, known by its “Red A” brand name, has revealed its plan to expand the business by introducing a new holistic kitchen solution, bringing in 13 international brands, and revamping its online shop.

Established in 1949, Red A is highly recognised in the plastic industry locally. The company is keen on developing new business in addition to its Red A plastic products. Jessica Leung, Star Industrial business development director, said that the team sees the increasing demand of customers for kitchen solutions. The company is transforming its business from selling a product to providing a solution for the customers.

“Food and hospitality industry has been facing many challenges, such as shortage of staffs, working inefficiency, food quality and safety. It is inevitable to go smart in order to stay competitive. Our new solution aims to offer premium international food and hospitality equipment brands. Their products can help to improve food and hospitality businesses.”

At the food and hospitality tradeshow HOFEX 2019, Star Industrial showcased various kitchen equipment demonstrating its new holistic kitchen solution, such as knife storage, a grinding & honing machine, oil filtration system, dishwasher, sous vide cooker, and temperature monitor. As the product agent, the company has introduced these products from more than 13 foreign brands including Netherlands, Germany, Korea and Sweden. This year, the company plans to spend a seven-figure budget on improving the entire range of Red A plastic products.

Leung said the company’s penetration of the food and hospitality industry is up to 93-95%, but she does not just target chain stores and high-end hotels, but also start-ups. 

“We want to help young people who just start their businesses by offering them the solution. It saves them from searching for different suppliers and reducing the costs so that they can focus on creating more innovative F&B experiences.”

Star Industrial has recently opened a demo-kitchen in its factory with regular demonstration and trial sessions for potential customers. Customers can have a hands-on experience of equipment before purchase. 

Meanwhile, on the B2C front, the company will focus on capturing the heart of younger generations by revamping its online shop and launching collaborations with different parties – even with fashion brands. It aims to raise brand awareness of Red A to younger potential customers.

“We want to bring out the message that we are a Hong Kong brand, our Red A products are authentically made in Hong Kong. And they are safe and quality plastic products which are 100% reusable and recyclable,” Leung said.