foodpanda shows excitement in taking the first bite of your meal

foodpanda's global campaign "The First Bite" has launched in Malaysia across all online channels, namely social, display and CRM. "The First Bite" was fully conceptualised and produced in-house, in collaboration with photographer Robert Wunsch and director of photography Jonas Winter-Scholz.

The campaign highlights the universal excitement surrounding the first bite of food. The upbeat music was also specially created for the campaign, to mirror the video's quick sequences and highlight the countless flavour explosions that take place. This was in a bid to highlight how consumers' senses play a significant role when taking the first bite.

To amplify the experience and share the moment, the campaign featured individuals taking their first bite of food. All the characters and dishes are isolated on a simple, solid background, inviting viewers to focus on the food, facial expressions, and the new brand tagline - Take the first bite.

“Every interaction with food is a delight, but there is something about that very first bite that makes the experience all the greater, and we wanted to portray just that. foodpanda is recognised as an on-demand delivery service that offers good food from favourite local restaurants from around the globe, but really, we’re all foodies who are excited about food. And what’s more exciting than the first bite?," Julian Dames, global CMO at foodpanda, said.

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Campaign credits:

Founder and CMO: Julian Dames
Director of brand: Cecilia Roussel
Head of campaign and production: Raul Stern
Head of content: Jenn Ng
Head of design: Eva Zillmann
Campaign manager: Milana Murzo
Video director: Nikolas Kasinos
Video editors: Nikolas Kasinos and Youwon Kim
Director of photography: Jonas Winter-Scholz
Photographer: Robert Wunsch
Food stylists: Andreas Poschel and Diana Quach