Fonterra's viral video exceeds 40 million views

Anchor Kid’s Milk has launched a viral video to create buzz and tug at the heartstrings of mothers in China.

Titled “Does Your Child Deserve 10 Marks?”, the campaign featured 73 pairs of Chinese mother and kid in a separate interview, asking them to rank each other.

As a result, kids gave their mums maximum scores, making their mothers to burst into tears of joy.

The video has gathered more than 40 million views, millions of comments and thousands of shares across Chinese social media platforms including Youku, Tudou, Weibo and WeChat in just few weeks.

Emen Chong, general manager at Tribal Worldwide Shanghai, said the video aims to remind Chinese mothers that every kid deserves “10 marks” recognition.

Anchor Kid’s Milk tapped into the China market in April and has gained trust from many Chinese mothers by virtue of its quality. This online video has further resonated with Chinese mothers and encouraged them to engage with the brand.

“This campaign demonstrates our values as a brand and a greater value we provide in delivering premium quality milk to every Chinese family,” said Manoj Namboodiri, business development and marketing director, China Brands at Fonterra.

Earlier this year, Anchor has introduced “10 Marks Kid’s Milk” with 30-seconds TVC to a Chinese audience.

Client: Fonterra China
Brand: Anchor
Agency: Tribal Worldwide Shanghai
Managing Director: JitHoong Ng
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cheng
Creative Director: Zheng Li; Tony Hua; Bely Xu
Copywriter: Bely Xu; Zheng Li
Art Director: Xiaohui Li; Messi Mei; Tony Hua; Tim Cheng
Producer: Cherry Wang
Planner: Denise Tang; Jie Lu
Account Service: Mirabelle Ng; Jack Yu; Mika Zhang; Emma Du; Severine Liu; Johnson Lai
Film Director: Zero Lin