Fonterra feeds kids curiosity via new digital initiative

DDB Group Hong Kong and Fonterra have developed a digital-led advertising campaign entitled “Mama Tell B Why” for Anmum pediatric milk powder that better prepares parents for the curious nature of their kids.

The video features curious kids asking questions such as “why do I have five fingers instead of six?”, “why doesn’t daddy have very much hair?” and “why is water wet?”.

Anmum guides bewildered parents to its website where they can find advice on how to answer simple, yet complicated questions and share their experience.

The campaign focuses on the role of mums and helps them do their best to connect their kids to the world. Additionally, DDB has established a crowd sourcing platform that included mums in the conversation, as well as healthcare professionals, to collaboratively find the best methods of how to answer children’s questions with the right attitude.

Visit the campaign site here:

The new campaign marks a continuation of Anmum’s October 2014 campaign ’Knowing a word is only the beginning of knowing the world’‘. (, which centred on communicating the milk powder’s key ingredient, GA by explaining to mums that it not only helps to connect brain cells, but also to connect their kids to the world.

“Kids have a lot of questions, which are not always easy for parents to respond to,” said Brucemond Chan, Senior Marketing Manager at Fonterra.

“Just as important as the questioning itself, is how parents answer their kids and encourage them to explore the world – this affects their development and how they connect to the world. In partnership with DDB Group Hong Kong, we developed a campaign that helps parents to answer their kids’ questions in an appropriate manner, while also educating about the benefits of GA contained in Anmum pediatric milk formula.”

Shot in the style of a home video, the online video will run on social media such as YouTube and Anmum’s Facebook page.

Andreas Krasser, planning director at DDB Group Hong Kong, said: “While communication in the pediatric milk powder category is slowly moving away from functional messaging towards emotional storytelling, we wanted to go even further. Today emotional storytelling is simply not enough, we wanted to add real value to parent’s daily lives. After all, this is the core of the Anmum brand, a true maternal partner.”

Client (Fonterra)
General Manager: Cortina Sin
Senior Marketing Manager: Brucemond Chan
Senior Brand Manager: Lihyi Lim
Assistant Brand Manager: Kitty Chow
Brand Executive: Christina Mok
CRM Manager: Kate Li
Assistant CRM Manager: Jacob Cheung

Creative Agency: DDB
Creative Director: Leung Chung
Creative Director: Vincent Tse
Planning Director: Andreas Krasser
Business Director: Adrian Li
Copywriter: Joe Ting
Art Director: Colin Siu
Assistant Art Director: Flora Chiu
Senior Account Director: Yan Kwan
Account Manager: Carrie Chan
Account Executive: Ava Yau
Social Media Manager: Tammy Lui
Project Manager: Ivy Kong

Media Agency: Mediacom
Business Director: Natalie Chan
Digital Senior Planner & Buyer: Jamie Ng
Planner: Tracy Yu
Digital Executive: Sean Chiu

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