Following the guide for husbands, Tesco MY releases pictorial on herbs for confused consumers

Tesco Malaysia is back to help confused ketua rumah (head of the household) and even wives with a guide on herbs. This comes shortly after the supermarket chain posted its first guide for clueless husbands on the types of vegetables, meat and various chicken parts available so as to prevent them from buying the wrong items and getting reprimanded by their wives. 

In a recent Facebook post, Tesco said: "Yes, we know herbs and spices are equally as confusing. Here’s a guide to most common herbs and spices for your next Masterchef mission." Done in collaboration with digital agency IDOTYOU, the latest guide includes common spices used such as goji berry, candlenut, fennel seed, gingko, tumeric, and star anise.

tesco my herbs 3tesco my herbs 3

Tesco's previous guide for husbands gained traction online and caused plenty of chatter, with many consumers thanking the supermarket chain. However, Tesco's spokesperson told A+M that the team knew there must be more that shoppers are still confused about and would require valuable information on amidst the COVID-19 crisis. 

"The herbs and spices especially are equally important in our daily cooking. Not only the husbands will be confused, the ladies too. Hence, our follow up series on herbs and spices for the confused," the spokesperson added.

With regards to the buying guide for husbands, the spokesperson said the company received plenty of good feedback from the public and discovered that many women also benefited from it. "It is good for the brand to be known as the retailer that can help in ways such as this. We are currently working on smart and easy recipes that would be helpful during this time, and how consumers can make their own bread," the spokesperson added.

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