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“Flower ka Power” in India

Tata and Lowe in a joint initiative, have come up with the “Flower ka Power” anthem to create awareness amongst women about their powers and responsibilities as citizens of India.

In an effort to encourage women to exercise their ‘power of 49’ in an election year, Lowe Lintas and Tata Tea have collaborated with a few well known artists to create a song called ‘Flower ka Power’.

The song was uploaded on Youtube on women’s day and is an initiative being driven to champion the cause further.

The idea of composing the song or anthem “Flower ka Power” is to engage and motivate women in the country above the age of 18 to know their powers and rights. This also intends to go a long way in instigating and initiating women to vote. It is India’s democratic right to choose leaders and identify the right key drivers of the nation and policies. Women, metaphorically known as “flower,” are shown as the “power” force, thus forming the title.

The music was composed by Naresh Kamath and Paresh Kamath from the band, Kailasa and the lyrics were written by Keegan Pinto. The song is sung by Shalmali Khogade, Mamta Sharma, Aditi Singh Sharma, and Sonu Kakkar. The video was directed by Karan Bhutani.

Power of 49, a Jaago Re initiative for women, was launched in August 2013 with an objective to awaken women who form 49% of India’s voter base, inspiring them to cast an informed and independent vote and exercise the power they have to make or break a government in this forthcoming election. The campaign was conceptualised from the insight that women constitute 49% of the vote base in India but are often ignored as they are not seen as a determining factor in elections.

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