Flamingo Singapore names new CEO

Flamingo Singapore has named Jeremy Sy as its new CEO.

Sy replaces Emma Gage, Flamingo Singapore’s outgoing CEO, who has relocated to Flamingo Shanghai. Sy joins Flamingo from The Futures Company where he is currently head of consulting for Asia Pacific.

Sy has over 20 years experience, including a stint with Procter & Gamble Philippines before being accepted as a WPP Fellow in 1999. He has worked with agencies such as JWT Shanghai and TBWA.  During this time, Sy helped win the China Unicom business, while also managing strategy for clients like Apple, Michelin, and Mars Petcare.

He then left China in 2009 to spend time freelancing in Melbourne and Manila before joining Ogilvy Manila as their group planning director. In 2013 he was re-hired by The Futures Company and currently leads their Asia Pacific consulting team based in Singapore.

Kirsty Fuller, global Flamingo Co-CEO, said: “Sy is an amazing addition to Flamingo’s group of business leads and beyond. We feel very privileged to have attracted somebody with his talent and experience to the business.”

“I’ve been a fan of Flamingo for a very long time, so I’m excited to be joining the team,” Sy said. “The next few years are going to be a period of significant change for the industry, and I’m looking forward to helping guide Flamingo to new heights amidst these changes.”