Fitness studio F45 Training scores David Beckham as global partner

F45 Training Holdings has scored David Beckham (pictured) as its global partner. Under this partnership, Beckham will play a key role in F45 Training’s brand marketing initiatives to support its continued expansion across the globe, helping to communicate the benefits of its unique workouts and fitness philosophy.

Founder and CEO of F45, Adam Gilchrist, described this to be "a monumental partnership for F45". According to him, Beckham is a global sporting legend and his commitment to fitness throughout his career has been iconic. “Having Beckham on board strengthens our place in the fitness industry and his support reflects the inclusivity of what I believe is the best workout in the world," Gilchrist said. 

Beckham is no stranger to being a brand ambassador for companies, having worked with brands such as AIA, Kent & Curwen and UNICEF.  Aside from being a brand ambassador, he is also a businessman, investor, philanthropist, and football club owner. He was previously a professional football player for 20 years before retiring in 2013. 

According to F45, Beckham was introduced to the brand by actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg, who has been an investor in the franchise business since 2019. Having trained at a London F45 studio, Beckham was said to have been impressed by the innovative workouts, community spirit and results, contributing to his decision to become a partner in the business. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to F45 for additional information about the partnership with Beckham. Founded in 2013 in Sydney, F45 has more than 2,200 studios across 63 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. F45 offers fast-paced, innovative, high-intensity interval training and functional 45-minute workouts. 

"F45 has a strong community and trainers that help you reach your goals and achieve powerful results. This partnership is an exciting business venture for me also, and I’m looking forward to the journey with F45 as the business continues to expand globally," Beckham said. 

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