LOOK Firefly Malaysia cops flak for “Hey B*#%H. I’m Here!” campaign

A recent ad by Malaysian airline Firefly is making its rounds on social media for all the wrong reasons. The brand, in a bid to promote its new beach vacation deals, put out a campaign on social media yesterday which some netizens deemed as “misogynistic” and “degrading”.

Others have called the brand out on the ad saying its “a cheap brazen and low brow stunt”. The brand, in a bid to clarify its position, said on social media “Hello everyone, we’ve included an explanation that b*#%h in this ad means the beach, and we mean no harm.”

Here’s the post:

Social media teasers campaigns started several days back with a tagline “The b*#%h is waiting” and these images:

This is not the first time an airline brand has coped flak for sexist or misogynistic ads.

Two years ago, Singapore-based women’s activist group AWARE’s launched its annual Alamak! Award, “honouring” or rather, calling out instances of sexism over the past year with Scoot making the list.

The brand was shortlisted for a campaign where it claims to be “better than your girlfriend” because it “knows when to be quiet”, “when to give you space”, and “can handle all your crap”. Plus, it “always spares a thought for your wallet”.

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