Firefly Airlines to 'turbocharge emotions' among loyal customers

Firefly Airlines is thanking loyal customers by surprising them with various mystery gifts onboard with its "Is Your Seat the Lucky One?" campaign. The mystery gifts will be placed in the back-seat pocket right in front of the passenger’s seat on random flights daily until 28 July. Only the cabin crew will be informed of the chosen flight so that an announcement can be made for passengers to check the back-seat pocket for the mystery gifts, Firefly said.

According to the airline, handing out mystery gifts onboard flights are a "great way to turbocharge emotions" and fuels more passionate relationships between customers and the brand by creating a cycle of happiness. The airline is handing out free return flight tickets, vouchers for a free night stay at Royale Chulan Hotel & Resorts Malaysia and free one time return flight on Firefly and Firefly merchandise. Besides this, Firefly is also dishing out discounts for domestic destinations when flights are booked in advance.

Izra Izzuddin, Firefly Airlines VP of marketing and communications, said a simple gesture can go a long way when it comes to keeping customers loyal. She added that brands should always strive, first and foremost to deliver great experiences for its customers.

"If you’re not pleasing your customers on a regular basis, they’ll move on to someone who will and there’ll be no amount of gifts that can stop them. But if you have a happy and loyal fan base, it never hurts to say thanks and reward them in ways that make them feel truly special,” Izra said.

Earlier this month, the airline caught the attention of consumers with its cheeky “Dump your ex” campaign targeted at new consumers. The campaign encourages travellers to “get into a long term relationship” with Firefly by moving away from other airlines and fly with it instead. Netizens reactions online has remained fairly positive, with many commenting that it was a good idea by Firefly.

Meanwhile, it recently tied up with Tetra Pak Malaysia to as part of its sustainability efforts to recycle inflight beverage cartons. The recycled UBCs are collected and recycled into something new and useful such as recycled paper, cardboards, roofing tiles and furniture.