Firefly Airlines changes logo to green as part of sustainability campaign

Firefly Airlines recently changed its logo from orange to green as part of a week-long campaign "We Are Going Green" campaign, to show its love for mother earth and lead simple efforts to protect the environment. This comes shortly after it partnered with Tetra Pak to recycle its inflight beverage cartons.

In conjunction with the campaign, the airline has also lined up a series of activities such as trivia questions via its social media platforms. Passengers who wear green to show support for the initiative will also receive prizes on board.

Meanwhile in a Facebook post, the airline also listed some of the main initiatives it has taken to go green, including its belief in separating used beverage cartons on board, and using plans that emit less carbon dioxide per passenger per flight. The airline plans to roll out more green initiatives this year, with the next one in September done in conjunction with World Cleanup Day.


“With climate change being a huge concern to many of us, it is only right to practice and encourage habits that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can then help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations,” said Firefly CEO, Philip See.

Recently, the airline rolled out a witty promotion offering RM23 discount, after AirAsia began collecting an additional RM23 in Passenger Service Charge levied by Malaysia Airports Holdings for flight bookings “under protest“. Stating “because we don’t like ticking you off” in the ad, Firefly rallies fans to “keep calm” about the increased flight prices as it had brought it down through the promotion.

It also thanked loyal consumers by surprising them with various mystery gifts onboard with its “Is Your Seat the Lucky One?” campaign. The mystery gifts were placed in the back-seat pocket right in front of the passenger’s seat on random flights daily.