Finding the right gift for mums: most stressful

Sunday will be a day of coronations, jam-packed restaurants and fancy gifts; but before Mother’s Day officially arrives, 23% of city-goers worry that their moms would squint at their gift, says a recent survey by Groupon Hong Kong.

Of the 576 respondents, 22% admits it’s difficult to find something for a difficult person, and 18% say they have trouble figuring out what mum wants.

So many are falling back on safe presents like brunch or dinner out (23%); jewellery and accessories – which saw a jump of 4% from 11% last year; family activities (13%) and flowers (10%).

Surprisingly, greeting cards dropped off the charts with 12% of respondents saying they’ll get one last year compared to this year’s 4%.

Half of the surveyed population also admitted to planning activities and buying gifts more than two weeks in advance; and women are likely to splurge more than 1,000 while men tend to dish out HK$500 to $1000.