FCB Shanghai wins Vidaa

FCB Shanghai has won the account of the Vidaa brand under Hisense Group.

The agency will be building a complete brand system for Vidaa and handling its brand and product communications.

In addition to leading the brand communications, FCB will also partner with Vidaa to study consumer needs and customise content catering to the young people.

Derived from the Spanish word “Vida”, Vidaa represents a dynamic and rich lifestyle. Targeting young consumers, Hisense has developed the smart TV brand Vidaa and aims to engage people in an innovative and interesting technological experience.

Under the influence of industrial intelligence and internet, the home appliance industry has also undergone revolutionary change and smart TV is projected to be sought after by young people. In the future, Vidaa will also branch out to electronic products to attract younger generation.

Commenting on the new business win, Edward Bell, CEO of FCB Great China said, “We’re pleased to add the Vidaa brand of Hisense Group to our growing client base. Capitalizing on our profound insight into the behaviors of Chinese young consumers, I believe we’re going to take the brand communication of Vidaa to a whole new level.”