Fast internet in Asia is behind the aggressive push into digital marketing

According to a survey by Econsultancy, there will be a significant increase in the area of digital marketing this year, reporting that:

  • 24% of the respondents mentioned that content marketing is the most exciting opportunity for B2B marketers
  • 22% believes that mobile marketing is best for B2C marketers.
  • Two-thirds of the company respondents have a strong appetite for digital experimentation.

In a recent research by Akamai Technologies, Asia is found to be strengthening its position as the world’s top-speed internet access. Japan, South Korea and Singapore were among the top five countries with the highest mobile-broadband penetration in 2012. Hong Kong holds the crown as the fastest broadband provider with speed of 65.4 megabits per second, four times faster than the global average.

Despite the stiffening competition in digital marketing, 12% of agency respondents are looking into multichannel campaign management to widely spread their campaigns. Combining online and offline  where agencies will be bringing digital to the physical world by issuing e-receipts at point of sale, introducing Wi-Fi in the retail environment and giving consumers a digital experience stores and showrooms.

With Asia having the advantage of fast-speed internet, social advertising would undoubtedly be the ideal platform for marketers. Between 2012 and 2013, mobile advertising grew by 1,260%, with video advertisement carving into the market share of social advertising.

Econsultancy predicts video ads containing games, surveys or simple social sharing buttons would be the biggest hit point for marketers looking to engage with consumers.