FALCON launches campaign to promote its own e-commerce platform

FALCON has launched an omni-channel campaign titled “Sén Natural. Your Natural Instinct” for its new e-commerce venture Sén Natural.

The campaign will run for four weeks in Singapore before launching across Asia Pacific in the first quarter of 2019. In a statement to Marketing, co-founder Max-F. Scheichenost said it organised focus groups and together with its creative solutions team, developed a digital positioning paper before moving on to create the tag line “Sén Natural. Your Natural Instinct”. Thereafter, the ads encapsulating the message were developed with a witty twist.

"We have also partnered with Google and Facebook and will roll out some newly launched ad formats that are only available on beta-version," Scheichenost added.

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The campaign revolves around the idea of how women have conformed to the black-tie world that expects them to behave and do things a certain way. But a "ludicrous energy", Scheichenost said, flows through the entirety of the female species. This energy to do something odd, to rebel against this polished, marbled, one faceted society. A moment where they can truly feel themselves and get an satisfaction off of their small personal rebellions, he said.

"We at Sén Natural support these bold, edgy, courageous women. We want them to feel good about their thoughts and be in their own skin. We celebrate this new kind of womanhood," Scheichenost added.

FALCON launched Sén Natural earlier this month, to prove its mettle to handle end-to-end digital marketing and branding and getting positive return on advertising investment. The venture is led by Scheichenost and co-founder Daniel Endres, as well as Sén Natural’s product lead and specialist Hoan. As of now, it will focus on the beauty and cosmetics industry, first launching in Singapore before expanding across Asia Pacific in due time.

“Sén” is Vietnamese for lotus, which is often used as an example of divine beauty, goddesses and a metaphor of creation. Bearing in mind the beauty of a lotus flower and the elegant concept of Art Nouveau, FALCON came up with Sén Natural. The concept is reflected in the logo and packaging.