Facebook suspends pre-installs of apps on new Huawei devices

Facebook is suspending providing software to Huawei for pre-installs of Facebook apps on its new devices, in a latest blow to the Chinese company which has been embroiled in a US trade ban. The apps are Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Consumers who currently own existing Huawei smartphones with Facebook apps, however, will continue to be able to use and download app updates. This is to ensure that consumers have the latest and most secure version of its apps.

In a statement to Marketing, Facebook's spokesperson said: “We are reviewing the commerce department’s final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance.”

Meanwhile, Huawei's spokesperson told Marketing that Facebook is a third-party application, and can be installed and used without any issue on Huawei devices.

Facebook joins the list of companies, including Panasonic, ARM, Qualcomm and Intel, that have taken action against Huawei amidst the US trade ban. In the meantime, Google is temporarily providing Huawei with software and security updates for the next 90 days after initially announcing it would cut ties. Following the trade ban, Reuters reported that China called on global technology companies for talks last week, saying that abiding by the US ban "would likely lead to further complications for all sector participants".

The news comes as the Chinese technology company is holding a regional media pitch which is being led out of Malaysia and covers markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. A+M understands that the pitch process has concluded but results have yet to be announced.

Despite the news surrounding Huawei, consumers remained unfazed and continued to show support for the brand. TnR by Sean & Angie, a char siew restaurant in Petaling Jaya, showed its support for Huawei by offering users 20% off the total bill when they dine in. Meanwhile, some Singaporeans said during the recent PC show that they are not too concerned by the recent events and are confident that Huawei will be able to overcome any challenges it faces.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)