Facebook promotes going 'live' on offline channels

In a bid to get more people to start using its ‘live’ platform, Facebook has launched a large-scale ad campaign in the United States and United Kingdom.

The ads, which will be featured on television, web and other outdoor media, will include 15 second visual clips shot by users on its new platform. The displays would also feature users’ responses, comments and emoji across the clips.

Gary Briggs, Facebook’s chief marketing officer, on his Facebook post said, “We have designed the campaign to reflect the authenticity of Facebook Live. The content for the campaign, every video and image, was shot using Facebook Live on a phone. Many of the videos seen in the TV spots are from real people around the world, and none of the dialogue was scripted.”

The advertisements is mainly aimed at educating the users about the ‘Live’ platform. While it contained tutorials on how users can use the “live” platform to create real-time videos centered on their desired themes, the platform encourages users to showcase their talents fearlessly to the world.

Facebook VP-executive creative director Scott Trattner, in a statement to Adweek said, that Facebook Live Map was sifted through to find the best content for the ads.  According to Trattner, the creators have been informed and compensated for their films.

Rebecca Van Dyck, VP-marketing at Facebook added that although the ‘live’ platform is relatively young, it has been a hit amongst the masses. Having launched only in April, those broadcasting live at any minute has quadrupled, establishing presence across the world.