Facebook now redirects customers to talk to brands on Messenger

Facebook has just launched a new advertising feature that takes users from their News Feed into Messenger.

Announced on Tuesday, the social media giant now allows companies to advertise in a user's News Feed, and take users to Messenger for further communication when they click the ad.

This announcement follows Facebook's launch of the "bot platform" earlier this year, which allow automatic responses to users from business to improve real-time customer services.

By linking Messenger to the News Feed, Facebook aims to grow the relevance of its messaging app.

"For businesses it’s an unprecedented opportunity to use amazing targeting capabilities and reach of the Facebook News Feed," David Marcus, vice president of messaging products at Facebook, told CNBC at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon.

"It is a big development that will enable developers to build new experiences that haven’t been built yet - brands that never had a direct relationship with customers can have that conversation. For people, they can have an easy way to interact for brands," Marcus said.